Buying a Chandelier on Sale

Chandeliers hozo are the perfect statement-making light fixture to elevate any room in your home. They can be the focal point in your dining room, entryway or master bedroom and are a key element to any curated design plan.

When choosing a chandelier, consider the size and style of the space you’re decorating. You can choose from a wide variety of styles, colors and finishes to find the perfect fit for your home.

Modern chandeliers are one of the most popular lighting options in contemporary homes, as they are often sleek, linear and geometric. Many of these fixtures are crafted from chrome, brass or bronze, and they have unique shapes, forms and finishes to fit any modern interior.

You can find a chandelier to match any color scheme, and you can choose from multiple shades to create an eye-catching design element in any room of your home. For example, a gold or silver chandelier can be an elegant addition to your dining room, while a brightly colored glass shade can add some fun flair to the same space.

If you have a rustic style, a wrought iron chandelier can be a fantastic choice to create a natural aesthetic for your dining or kitchen space. Or, if you’re looking for a more modern touch to your interior, you can find an industrial chandelier that blends both timeless and current design elements.

Tiered and waterfall chandeliers are the latest styles to be added to modern home designs. These chandeliers are adorned with translucent glass in multiple tiers, making them a gorgeous focal point in any modern living or dining space.

Mix-and-match the glass shades on these chandeliers with brushed brass, polished nickel or antique bronze bases to create a custom look for your home. These sculptural glass chandeliers also come in a range of sizes, so you can choose the perfect lighting fixture to complement any style you’re aiming for.

The correct height to hang a chandelier depends on your ceiling and the table you’re placing it above. Most residential homes have eight-foot ceilings, but larger buildings and commercial establishments may require a larger fixture. To determine the proper height, measure the width of your table and calculate the distance from the center to the top of the chandelier.

If the height of your chandelier exceeds the space available for it, you can use an extension kit to extend the arms and achieve the desired length. For more control, you can also install a dimmer switch so you can dim the light and adjust the overall brightness of your space.

Another popular style is the crystal chandelier, which can feature hundreds of sparkling facets and multiple tiers to impart an eye-catching display of light in your entryway or dining room. These chandeliers can be fashioned from faceted crystal glass or clear faux glass (acrylic).

A classic candle-style chandelier features candelabra-style arms that hold a faux candle as the source of illumination. These classic lights can enhance any room with a formal and traditional feel, while a mirrored chandelier can provide a glamorous touch in any room.

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