Kitchen Lighting Ideas

kitchen lighting ideas

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home, and it’s vital to plan a lighting scheme that combines practical task and ambient lighting. This is a specialist field and a lighting design consultant can help you create a well-balanced, effective kitchen light idea to suit your space.

Decorative pendants, sconces, chandeliers and kitchen lighting under cabinets can add personality and style to a room. Use them to highlight features such as a textured backsplash, a beautiful wooden island or an eclectic collection of glassware. It’s a good idea to have several types of kitchen lighting to provide a mix of functional and mood lighting, and you can even include some dimmable options to adjust the tone and atmosphere as the mood requires.

Task lights are useful for backlighting a backsplash or shelving and can help to avoid shadows on the worktop, and they can be installed discreetly under wall cupboards. LED strips can be used to provide soft low-lighting and can be angled to direct brightness where needed, ensuring no corners are missed. A stylish range of kitchen LED lights is available in a wide variety of colours and finishes, so you can find the perfect look to suit your scheme.

For a striking look, consider hanging up an oversized lamp shade such as this brass and glass piece over an island. It’s an instant focal point and helps to create a sense of height in a room, making it feel bigger and more spacious. A metal industrial clamp light also works well in a small kitchen, combining shape, character and warmth to the workspace.

If you have a low ceiling, you’ll want to avoid pendants that hang too far down and make the room feel smaller, so opt for subtle recessed lights that blend into the ceiling. You can choose to fit them with a decorative trim, or go for a more modern look with an aesthetic grid of recessed bulbs.

A great kitchen trend is to display glassware or other pretty objects in open storage, which can also serve as a tabletop. The lighting inside these glazed cabinetry elements can illuminate the glassware and create a focal point that draws the eye, while a simple table lamp on a console or dresser helps to link the kitchen with other areas of an open-plan room.

Decorative lighting can also be hung from the ceiling, such as this gorgeous brass and glass fixture that looks like a candle holder. It adds a touch of luxury and contrast to a simple white kitchen. If you’re going for a rustic or farmhouse-style kitchen, try a rattan or woven jute pendant to tie in the natural elements of your room. A sconce or lantern hung from a wall can also be a great way to frame a window, add a decorative touch and introduce some extra warmth to an area that can often feel clinical. You can even add a string of brightly coloured lights to the windowsill to bring a pop of colour to your kitchen.

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