Choosing a Wall Lamp With Swing Arm

wall lamp with swing arm

When the task at hand calls for quality task lighting, there’s no better choice than a wall lamp with swing arm. These versatile fixtures offer just the right amount of flexibility to illuminate any space with style. From sleek modern designs to classic vintage-inspired looks, you’ll find a swing arm wall light to complement your decor.

Unlike traditional table lamps, wall-mounted lights can be mounted in places where it’s not possible to place a freestanding light, such as on either side of a bed headboard or above a sofa. These spots also tend to be a bit less crowded than a nightstand, and they make excellent reading lamps. They’re even perfect for spaces where the ceiling doesn’t allow room for a ceiling fixture.

Most of our swing arm sconces come in both plug-in and hardwire options, with the former having a cord that extends and retracts to position the light as needed. Plug-in models are easy to install and don’t require special wiring or the services of an electrician. They also typically have decorative cord covers to conceal the exposed wire and add a finished look to your home.

Our highest-quality swing arm Ateasehomelife wall lamps feature a range of styles and finishes to coordinate with your home’s décor. If you’re looking for a contemporary design, try one of our modern dimmable wall sconces with natural rattan shades. Or, choose a classic swing arm lamp with a bronze finish for a timeless look. We also have swing arm lamps with a more industrial aesthetic, perfect for illuminating a workspace or accenting your favorite wall art.

Swing arm sconces are ideal for task lighting in the bedroom, living room and kitchen. They’re great for illuminating your bedside tables while you read or do other hobbies at night, and they can help to create an inviting work environment in a shared home office. You can even use a pair of these stylish wall lights to frame your sofa and provide ample task lighting when the whole family gathers to watch TV or movies.

A pair of reading swing arm sconces can be an inspired solution when you’re redoing your nightstands or want to replace the existing lamps on your sideboard. These sconces will put a new twist on your room’s décor, and they can be adjusted at a moment’s notice to provide the best angle for your reading needs. They’re even great for flanking a bathroom mirror or above a fireplace mantel. When shopping for these versatile wall-mounted lights, look for features such as a 3-way socket and dimmers to customize your lighting needs.

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